The times they are a-changin': the illegal downloads are a-torrentin' and record sales are a-falling. But Bandwagon Pro graduated with top marks from the 'here's three chords, now start a band' school of music and we're here to help.

Inspired by the DIY approach taken by an ever-growing number of artists, two former music promoters and band managers, and lifelong music fans, got out their sticky (cassette) tape and safety scissors to provide artists with a one-stop shop to take ownership of their careers. Bandwagon Pro allows you to interact with promoters and venues, book gigs, build a live fanbase and plan that vital next stage of world domination.

Bandwagon Pro aims to facilitate interaction between artist and promoter, addressing common frustrations from both sides of the gig-booking process:

  • Difficulties directly contacting the promoter or venue
    [email protected]?.com
  • Sending demos by post
    brb, just taking a hike up Brown Envelope Mountain
  • Lack of gig opportunities for unsigned bands, particularly outside of their home town
    what goes on tour, gets printed in NME
  • Lack of transparency from promoters regarding payment, PA standard and information regarding the gig
    "…does anyone have a 3.5 mm Stereo to XLM jack…"
  • Unable to find available acts to play new nights
    Lonely Hearts Club WLTM … Band?
  • Bands arriving late and not bringing agreed equipment
    packed lunches don't count

By doing so we hope to help both promoters and acts set a standard of professionalism from the beginning of their careers, in turn increasing the number of live music events across the UK.

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