Blue Rabbit

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Dale Potter- Lead singer
Liam Young- Lead Guitar
Ciaran Cosgrove- Rhythm Guitar
Jack Gordon- Bass
Jake Hinley- Drums


Blue Rabbit are a five piece indie/rock band from Dunfermline.; It started out with two guys and their guitars writing songs and jamming. They decided they wanted to start something serious so they called in a few of there friends to come jam and see if they were the right people and they were. The band's chemistry increasingly grew at a frightening pace and is still growing. Writing songs and performing seem to come naturally to all of us. The lead guitarist bounces around the stage no matter how small a crowd or how little space there is. The singer never fails to get the crowd up close and bouncing! Great shows, great music and great people! Since their first gig in August 2011, they have played at least one show a month, two in October and one lined up for the start of November and in talks for another November gig and a couple of December gigs!

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In our set we need 3 amps for most of our songs (2 guitars and a bass). In one song we will need an amp for an acoustic guitar, bass and an electric. Drum centre and back, rhythm and bass stage right. Lead guitar stage left. singer front and centre.

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