Hellish Flavours

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Ben Tinson
Dan Whitfield


A two-piece band from London/Swindon


"Hellish F- Wow- furious Hawkwind meets Black Flag ramalama with suitably psychedelic undertow amidst the menace and a neo DnB octupoid drummer. Sinister darklord leanings- they sound like a metal Birthday Party- yay" - Bugbear

"I always appreciate it when a band is clearly enjoying their work, and Hellish Flavours are firmly in that category: Bass man is a gurner and Drum man is a grimacer. I enjoyed their no frills, beat down laden smash fest...I have high hopes for them and their maliable faces. According to the drummer man Ben, the two of them just get drunk and play music most of the time so they will probably increase their powers exponentially with any luck." - Tim (http://lazerhorse.wordpress.com/)

Past Events

Event Name Venue Date
crash-chelmsford Chicagos Chelmsford 13 Oct 2011

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