Photo of Deadfire


Charlie Munro - Vocals
Gordon Leith - Guitar
Tunk - Drums
Rich Lewis - Bass


Award winning (Best Newcomer, Best EP - 2013 Fudge Awards) 4 piece power ensemble from Aberdeen, Scotland. Deadfire incorporate a heady mix of old school rock with contemporary riff based material and powerful lyrics. Our songs have a new approach with an old school rock vibe. Regardless of the song's direction there is no doubt that what you hear is 100% RAWK! Hard working and constantly productive, we aim to get heads nodding in a town near you!

EP - In It for the Money/Samefaces (Deadfire)
CD - Deadfire/Deadfire - released and digitally distributed March 30th, 2013


email - [email protected]
Booking - [email protected] - Chris Morris - +447714322444

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