Gem and The Deadheads

Photo of Gem and The Deadheads


Gem - Vocals/Guitar
Tristan - Lead Guitar
Charlie - Bass
Henry - Drums


Gem and The Deadheads have arrived on the music scene and they’ve brought their laddish swagger with them.

Listening to the female led band brings connotations that span the decades. Think of Quentin Tarantinos 90′s, a cool hip soundtrack featuring the early 60′s surf rock group The Centurians then think of the stage presence of a late 70′s Debbie Harry, throw in some grunge and a modern rock twist and your close to describing the sound these guys bring.

Gem and The Deadheads have stand-out, evolving choruses that punch their tunes home. Gem has a versatile, captivating vocal easily transitioning from delicate sensitivity in the verses to a fully charged rock offering in the choruses, rooted somewhere in between Hope Sandoval and Janis Joplin’s octaves.

The band played a number of low-key regional shows and supported The Holloways at The Garage in North London. They have been touted by a few as the best kind of female-led dirty rock’n'roll that they’ve heard.

Past Events

Event Name Venue Date
Heroes Bar Heroes Bar 13 Jan 2012
Bandwagons 1st Christmas Shindig! The Silver Bullet 22 Dec 2011
Fulham Fest - Under the Bridge Under the Bridge 27 Apr 2012

Gem and The Deadheads tech spec:

Henry: Drums plus backing track via mono 1/4 inch jack (DI required)

Charlie: Bass Gtr

Tristan: Lead Gtr

Gem: Ryth Gtr and Vocalist

Stage positions:

Drums: back central (if possible). Plus control of backing track via laptop.

Bass: Stage left or right

Lead Gtr: Stage right or left

Lead Vocalist/Ryth Gtr: Front centre

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