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Greg Larkin is a musician/composer from Manchester. He has played for the last few years in the Clubs and Pubs of the region, and is establishing himself as a one of the most skilful, imaginative and exciting guitarists around . At a recent gig near Liverpool, a local fan said to his brother, who happened to be there too, “I know he’s your brother, but that c**t plays the guitar like a f******g piano”.
Greg’s main focus is his own music, (he never plays covers). He is self-taught, although plays at Grade 8 standard, and has developed quite a unique style. He delights in discovering idiosyncratic tunings for the guitar, and then in exploring the musical consequences that fall from that – regardless of the number of strings it costs him!
He started on the electric guitar, which he still prefers when collaborating with other musicians; but Greg also plays 12-string acoustic, cuatro, bass guitar and is regularly seen dabbling with a banjo and even a dulcimer, although at present he is most devoted to his Taylor Acoustic.
His playing style is virtuoso, but retains a refreshing rawness that makes his live performances enervating and thrilling, with an almost contradictory graceful technical suavity that is breathtaking to watch.
It was these qualities that led to the invitation to spend a few days recording at Blue Print studios, Manchester in January 2011. The result was the album “ ”. Eight tracks of some of the most delicious, memorable and mellifluent guitar playing you are likely to listen to.
He has begun working on his next project, which he hopes to record early next year, pausing in the interim only to try the new material out on an expectant but unsuspecting audience. His principle aim – to actually have titles for the material this time.
On seeing him for the first time, other fans have said to Greg…
“I watch people like you on You-Tube”
“You made my girl-friend cry!!”
“you sound like famous people”
“You look like Charlie Manson!”

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I use two acoustic guitars in my performances; Both Taylor's, one of which is custom made version (second hand, of course), and a small pre-amp to help combat the more unimaginative sound engineer - sorry, sound engineers. But it so often happens that you 'acoustic' and tun everything down.

This is what I call 'feedback' ​ "I watch people like you on​​YouTube" ​ "You sound like famous people" ​ "That c**t plays guitar like a piano" - Liverpool, June 2010 ​ "​​​​You made my girlfriend cry" - ​ "It's like drum 'n' bass without the drum or bass" Cambridge ​ "You're the best guitarist we've seen outside of Feurto Ventura"​​​ "using one finger on the guitar which reminds me of Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page used a violin bow...He uses jazz scales peppered throughout... a man playing music that could have come from any time in the last few hundred years...but to truly experience him, try and catch him live if you can..(Withnail - CV Magazine) "…His highly percussive, advanced technique is a joy to watch…his compositions are fascinating, drawing from such diverse areas as flamenco, ;oct-rock and Zeppelin, as well as the inevitable Davy Graham".( Greg Larkin - Fast fingered, acoustic prodigy Greg Larkin has been captivating audiences in the North West for the past few years with his unique brand of solo guitar playing. His is a style that is both virtuosic and yet raw, allowing for performances that are "enervating and thrilling" and "breathtaking to watch".