Lion Tops

Photo of Lion Tops


Matt Culpin - Lead Vocals

Paul Carpenter - Bass Guitar / Backing Vox

Ben Farr - Guitar / Vocals

Pat Hunt - Drums


Lion Tops are a 4-piece indie band from sleepy London town. Drawing influences from the pop sphere of Blur to the darker, curiouser calculations of Nick Cave, they bring singalong gems, epic heartbreakers and songs that show off a morose witty charm reminiscent of a cracked David Bowie.

The current Lion Tops line-up joined hips at the start of 2012. Drummer Pat Hunt and guitarist Ben Farr joined founding Lion Tops members Paul & Matt to work on some exciting new material and are due to announce a number of live dates for the end of the year. Next up is Camden Rock on Saturday 06.10.2012

Past Events

Event Name Venue Date
Wild and Beautiful The Good Ship 16 Oct 2012

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