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Sign up to Bandwagon Pro free of charge [+] Creating an account is totally free. You can create your profile and personalise it by adding band information, pictures, press and, of course, audio tracks and other media then start using the site straight away
Apply for gigs [+] Access our Gigs Board and get that valuable gig experience under your belt and build your fanbase across the country by applying for all relevant gigs
Get gigging! [+] Get out playing live, engage with your fans and earn some cash along the way!
Recover and give feedback [+] After every gig you play you'll be able to log in and rate the promoter to help build up their Bandwagon Pro rating
Receive recommendations from promoters across the UK [+] There's nothing better than a personal recommendation to build your reputation
Sign up to Bandwagon Pro free of charge [+] Creating an account is totally free and will stay that way forever!
Create gig or live event listings [+] You can post your gigs or events quickly and easily to our gig board. You can specify genre, support type and if the gig is paid, expenses or non-paid as well.
Review artist applications [+] Sit back (or run around doing the 100 other things on your To Do list) whilst bands and musical artists apply directly to you.
Create your line up [+] Once you've found the bands that you like, Bandwagon Pro makes it super simple to finalise your line up and keep everyone up-to-date on who's playing when
Give feedback to bands and write recommendations [+] Once the gigs done and dusted you'll be able to rate all the artists who played to help build their Bandwagon Pro rating

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Bandwagon Pro is not an agency. We do not get involved in contract or fee negotiations. For information regarding this, please contact the musicians union:


We also can't feed your goldfish, or call your mum. That's what roadies are for.